I was standing in the middle of nowhere. Looking around me hoping to find an answer to the confusion I was in, all I could see were burned shops and shattered streets.

” Why am I here? How did I get here?” I ask myself in despair. Far away vague in the void, I glance misty shadows as if ghosts rushing towards me. They were a deep shade of red and fiery orange, dancing in the flames.

Burning humans dancing the flames away. People were dashing and stumbling through the streets, hitting themselves and behaving uncontrollably with fire burning their bodies. They were cursing words I’ve never heard of, screeching in pain I’ve never dealt with, and then I happened to see the unspeakable.

”What’s going on?” I asked a person rushing beside me. His eyes were dead and sunken inside of his eyelids I almost passed out.

”Go! Run! It’s too late to heal the bad dead! The world has come to an end!”

I took a century to sink that in. how come everyone was dealing with awful sorts of pain, much more painful than the one before, and I stood in distance, watching it all happen like a horror movie? I needed to wake up from this nightmare! It was too frightening! My eyes couldn’t take it anymore. I focused hard, closed my eyes tight, and tried to get out, as if I was in a simulation, a dark simulation that was too painful to be real.

I dashed to find someone I know. Maybe my family was there, though I didn’t want them to. I glimpsed one of my friends,

”Jack! Jack! Wait up!” I called. When I reached him, he looked at me with dead eyes; he fell to the floor screaming my name. He dug his fingernails in his flesh, pulling it out with so much pain and hurt I’ve never seen. I couldn’t keep watching, I held my face and ran…

All of a sudden, I found myself standing in a glass box. Above it, there was a sink getting out water into the box. The water started getting higher and the oxygen started to get less. This I thought would be such a sweet death compared to what I saw. I took a deep breath and dove inside as if i floated into the sea. I got out of the water and saw a land near that somehow appeared out of nowhere. What happened to jack? Standing by the bay of the land, I see a slender boy, as I focus, its jack. A man much huger, stood in front, pointing his gun at jack’s face. I screech out, but it’s too late. I hear the gunshot, and jack falls down

I woke up frightened. Crying and sobbing into bed. At least I thought, this nightmare came to an end, it seemed to be going on and on. As I recall and visualize it again, I get shivers all through my body. My heart begins to sink, but I freshen up myself and think, at least I am safe now, and so is jack.



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