White; growing up innocent and sweet. They often kissed my cheek and hugged the life out of me.

“God bless Katy’s newborn!” I’d have them yell around the house. I felt lost, so full of questions I’d end up crying. I felt so lost that all I saw was blank space around me. Everything was going slow, but a warming high-pitched voice and soothing smell told me that white was only the beginning, only the first infant.


Blue was the color of everything they got me for my 7th birthday. I hated the color, but my mother – the soothing voice – nudged me not to say, besides, I was already too timid to do so. The girls with me in class didn’t want to talk or play with me; I think their mothers’ told them I have some kind of disease.


Orange, the color of my middle school t-shirt. I didn’t know why we had to wear uniforms; why we had to define ourselves. I was so confused. My mother told me it was a normal phase, but that’s what all stereotypes said, and I do not want to become one.


Green broccoli, green seaweed, green peas; I hated everything and anything my mom put in my plate. The stereotypes were once more wrong; it was no phase, I was still feeling the same desolation as before. High school strangles me, and I hate it.


Red. A new red car. A new life. Kissing my mother goodbye, I rode my car, and drove off to college. A small university by the village never saw it coming, but I got a scholarship there and I couldn’t let it go. As the wind went through my hair, I felt happy and free. I felt my shoulders relax,

“Life here I come.”


Black. She said no; she doesn’t love me back. As I rode the car back home, I couldn’t stop thinking of how she rejected marriage proposal once more. Pushing my legs to their maximum strength, I got out of the car and walked to the front door.


Violet; the name of my beautiful grand-daughter. I held her weak and innocent figure between my wrinkly arms. I saw her mother’s eyes in hers. Once I heard her cry, I felt the world fall off my shoulders; now I can die a happy man.


Yellow, the color of the sand I shall be buried under. That was the only think my mind could trace as I choked alone in my bedroom. Like I said, I died smiling. I didn’t care what lay ahead; heaven, hell, revival, because my life was all an infant from the beginning; white.


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