Adam and Eve

As I tingled my fingers across the wrinkled photograph, I started recalling. They told me – the angels – what the future we create beyond our hands would be like. About how they would make stories about us, and quote things they thought we said – of what could have been.


I woke up to the sound of music – Gabriel was playing the violin beside my bed.

“God is waiting for you in the library.” Instantly, for I cannot discount God, I got up and jogged down our fascinating golden hall toward the library. The library had millions of shelves lining up on top of each other; jammed up with books that Selaphial told me were the future words of what I would say and what the fellows upon my hands would.

“Sit down, Adam,” God pointed to me, “men cannot live alone, and you, for sure, cannot either.” And so I watched him place his fingers on my ribs. As he said, he would create me a companion, out of my ribs, that would always be loyal and committed only to me – he said I must own her.


It hurt a smidge, but the fascination of watching him turn a filthy piece of bone into the beautiful black headed figure that stood before me was overwhelming. Her eyes met mine, waiting for me to say something, or was she waiting for me to name her?


“Eve?” my lord asked
“yes, I just know it.”
“Alright then, Eve it is.” I took her hand and showed her around the place. She was quite, for what I supposed was shyness. When she spoke, she muttered that she loved me, and I said so too, for it was meant to be.


My sons and daughters from Eve would be humans like us, that was what Raphael told me. Not devils, angels, or serpents; humans. But Satan was, the lord of all devils, he was jealous because he thought God favorite him; until I came along, and his bad side got the bitter of him.


*Satan’s POV*

That filthy human! I had nothing against humans, in fact, they were a beautiful breed, it was only Adam. I hated him. I hated how the angels worshipped him. We were only supposed to worship God, this, I knew, was wrong. I was peeking through the holes of the library door disguised as a mouse when I saw my chance…


They were calling her Eve, as I understood; she was Adam’s companion to help him pursue a whole race of humans. I waited for the sun to drown, and went to her room.

“Come with me…” I whispered in her ear sending my words deep in her mind, hypnotizing her. Instantly, she followed me as I took her to the garden. Her eyes bored into mine – she looked artificial. I placed my hands on her rib cage, and my trick began…


*Eves POV*

I woke up with my head throbbing, but I still could catch glimpses of last night. It hung in my head like Adam’s rib covering my heart. There were two of me, yes, there were. She stood right in front of me, like a mirror. We stood in deep silence, then, the door knocked, and she jumped out of the window falling into the bushes because Satan warned us not to be seen together.


*Adam’s POV*

As I walked along the roses in the garden for fresh air, I noticed Eve standing near the bushes. It was odd of her to be awake at such an early hour so I walked to her.

“Why are you up so early?”

“Huh? Umm… I just woke up,” she sounded hesitant so I gave her a slight smile and nodded, going back inside towards my room.

“Whoa! You scared me! Weren’t you just there?” Eve popped out of her room all of a sudden, scaring me to death. She answered me with something that sounded like she was ‘walking quickly’ and gave me a broad smile. I knew that there was something she was hiding from me, but as she smiled at me, I let her go.


By late afternoon, I sat in the dining room with Gabriel, Rapheal, Selaphial and Eve because God told us that we all needed to talk.

“Are you all here?”

“Eve, you must not lie to me!” his eyes roared over her, making her spill the truth all out.


And it hit me. The truth hit me, straight in the face and ripped my heart two pieces far apart. Eve was now Eves – as in two Eves. Satan has managed to ruin everything. They were typical, but God knew who was created first. Though I knew he was going to give Eve a lesson, little did I know that this lesson would ruin me too.


For the next two decades, I have been talking to the two Eves, asking them why they trusted Satan, why they let us fall into all of this chaos. I also asked God what he attempted to do, but he only answered me with,

“I’ll leave you fall into your own mistakes so you’ll see how you’ll do without my caring.” I thought the two Eves and I could figure it out, until they both disappeared. As much as I was heart-broken, I was more determined to find them – or as I hopped, only one.


I had six ribs left, and those were the days I had to find Eve. God told me that I mustn’t be fooled by the wonders of the world, and that I should return with one rib left, so God could create me another Eve if he had too, but if all ribs were gone, I would be doomed. I chose earth as the first planet to search in, and so I set off.


Each day, one rib would disappear, warning me of the time left. As I searched high and low, mountain top and in the deep seas, I was left with five more ribs – four days left. I had to find her.


*Satan’s POV*

My eye lay cold and distant on Adam as I watched him wonder around, searching for his beloved Eve. Little did he know how I drained their blood in my hands – only God and I knew. I watched him fall into more and more of my trick; the apple that was about to end his life.


*Adam’s POV*

It was delicious. I kept on devouring Every piece of it; it went on and on, nEver ending. I sat under the shadow of the tree, eating the only apple that was on its branch. Magic was all it felt like. Out of nowhere, I felt out of flow, and I felt emptiness. Looking over at me chest, the truth devoured me alive. My ribs, were all gone

All gone.

Instantly, Satan’s laugh covered the place, and Gods words echoed in my ears ‘you mustn’t be fooled by the wonders of the world. I shook my head and I was locked away in my own black hole, with a green, huge serpent guarding the entrance. Gabriel came to my view one last time saying,

“Adam, anything you think, imagine, will come alive. Imagine, imagine the world you could’ve succeeded to form. God sent me to tell you this, Adam; this is how it was supposed to go. Imagine, and the humans will be the infants of your illusions. You fell into your own mistakes, now imagine you didn’t. Imagine the way earth could’ve been, and it will be.”


And here I am,  imagining myself making a young girl think about it, telling you how the real story was, how you’re all just made out of a constellation of thoughts and dreams, in the meantime, don’t tell me I didn’t warn you, infants of my illusion.


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