I await you

I don’t remember dozing off, but here I was again, in the same dream I have every night. A dark pavement, probably somewhere near the ocean, I could tell because the salty air pinched at my nose.

The pavement was dark and creep, though, it felt war and welcoming. The walls were decorated with real life white skulls, a dim light came from a further distance, allowing me the possibility to see my way. My footsteps echoed as I walked, which sent shivers through my whole body. It was so cold and quit I could hear my own heartbeat echo through the walls and my breath brushing across the ground.

So my eyes wouldn’t lose focus, I kept walking towards the light, having no clue where I was going. A corpse lay beside me, it molded with green thick layers and solid brown blood drooled down his mouth. What scared me the most was a label on his forehead saying, ”he awaits you.” And so, I ran.

I dashed with my eyes closed; I pushed the blurs away and focused. A man stood in front of me, dressed all in white. His face was dim and cold, he was no cheerful man. His eyes went drooling down his face, like he hadn’t slept for years. He stared at me and whispered, ”I awaited you, now that you had come…”

That was the last thing I heard before I felt my soul being slipped away. My eyes glossed from the hell above, watching my beloved people forget me. Now, I await them too.


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