It was too late…

Anna pushed the door open when figures of grey shadows appeared on the wall. The house looked as if it was deserted for years. Anna’s nose wrinkled up at the strange smell, it was awful! The house smelled like rotten dead bodies laying in every room.

”Oh god! Could this get any worse?!” Anna screamed at the top of her lungs. She wandered around the house, the wooden floor under her feet creaked as she was walking. The first room she entered was wide, spiders roamed the room, blood was splattered all over, and the furniture was covered with a thick layer of dirt. Anna felt like she was counting her last seconds on this planet. The wind almost stood still, even the sun hardly made its way through. Anna walked towards the staircase which was long and narrow that she could barely walk. Silence now sounded louder than ever. She could hear whispers through the air, like ghosts were her friends. then, something caught her eyes, an old lady was staring through the key hole of a door, with only her wrinkled, old eye showing as she blinked. Anna startled to the door of the house to get out, when she was almost there, it shut, everything went black, and it was too late…


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