The walls around me changed colors often, they’d turn various shades of blue,swimming around my face, mocking me. They all looked sick, ”they need someone to cure them,” I thought. They didn’t drink blood like i did, they drank some weird invisible serum, they weren’t human.

”Here, take your medicine,” that strange lady stared at me like i was some kind of monster.

”Who are you?”

”I’m your nurse. My name is grace.”

”Why am i here grace?”

”Because your sick.” Now she upset me. I reached for the glass of the weird serum they called water, and smashed it on her head. I don’t know why, she fell asleep, sending the broken shattered glass with her to the floor.

Unconsciously, I rose to my feet in a white knee-length dress. I didn’t understand the people around me, they called themselves doctors and called me a patient. Why did they ignore my name? It is like they were ignoring my presence. I kept roaming around, if anyone noticed, they’d send me back, neglecting my screaming and objection.

”Hey! Come here! Don’t go through that door!” Two men started racing towards me. The first thing my eyes met was the black door that lay ahead of me. My legs worked their way through, and my hands shoved anything coming towards them. I opened the door, a staircase led the way to a huge uncovered window. My mind played games for a second, i first saw a small cafe behind the window, then i saw a lit street. There was no time to think, i had to jump.

”Wait! We’re on the 9th floor! What are you doing?!” My legs jumped and soon the wind rushed through my face.

”Such a weird room,” I thought. My eyes blinked for 3 second, sending me black images of emptiness. I found myself on the floor of  along, narrow reception of a house. It seemed going on and on, my eyes couldn’t get the last bit of it. I walked my way there when all of a sudden i heard screeches of pain and hurt. Voices were playing in my head. A man lay on the floor digging his fingernails deep in his flesh, little girls stood in the corner playing with fire, until their bodies were a whole ball of light. As every images passes by, i feel the pain myself, collapsing in a ball, screeching and screaming it all out, with shivers going through my whole body.

Then, an image of a mouth appears in my head and stays.

”Where am i ?” I push myself to say. These lips move, and what comes out wasn’t something i could swallow in.

”Welcome to the doors of hell.”


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